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Charity activities are taken place around the world.
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Serve Smile is dedicated to providing essential resources and support to underprivileged communities, focusing on children, street-dwelling individuals, and the vulnerable.

Serve Smile supports education through initiatives such as providing school supplies, sponsoring educational programs, and facilitating access to quality education for disadvantaged children.

ServeSmile works to improve healthcare access by organizing medical camps, offering healthcare services, and collaborating with medical professionals to ensure the well-being of those in need.

Serve Smile has dedicated outreach programs catering to street poor people, providing essentials such as food, shelter, and access to healthcare, along with empowerment initiatives.

Interested individuals can get involved by volunteering, making donations, participating in fundraising events, or spreading awareness about ServeSmile’s mission through social media.

ServeSmile primarily focuses on local communities, but it may extend its reach based on specific needs and partnerships that align with its mission.

Yes, ServeSmile is a registered non-profit organization, committed to transparency, and accountable management of funds for the betterment of the communities it serves.

Community nominations can be submitted through Serve Smile’s official website, where the organization evaluates and prioritizes based on the identified needs.

Serve Smile is committed to maximizing the impact of donations, and a significant percentage is allocated directly to the programs and initiatives benefiting the communities served.

Serve Smile employs a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system, tracking the progress of its programs, conducting impact assessments, and adapting strategies based on the feedback received from the communities it serves.

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